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Myofascial Movement

Healthy Movement is a little bit of movement in a lot of places.

Healthy Movement is not a lot of force transmitted through one joint or one muscle group. 

Healthy Movement is a balance of the integrity of tension on all sides, not just one.

Healthy Movement is integrated.

Healthy Movement is embodied.

Healthy Movement is moving. 

Jason's perspective on Myofascial Movement - initiating movement along kinetic chains, or anatomy trains - is heavily influenced and informed by the work of Tom Meyers, Jill Miller, Amy Matthews, Leslie Kaminoff, Sadie Nardini, Eric Franklin, Elizabeth Larkam, and Karin Gurtner. And this perspective is layered into the traditional asana and Classical Pilates classes as well. 

Embodied understanding can stem from just being aware of an overly aggressive area of the body and consciously relaxing it.  It could center around sensitivity to an underdeveloped region and progressively strengthing its communication within an articulation. 


Re-negotiate and re-define how you move, how you transition, how you sink into conversations with your body that have become mindless and dismissed.  

It goes beyond just using conditioning techniques to train "functional" movement within yoga and pilates.

It's diving under the surface and taking ownership of what you find beneath the seen.

It's noticing and identifying patterns (both positive + challenging) in behaviour. 

It's waking up to self-love and befriending the skin you're in. 

It's truly living in all facets.

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