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A Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Jason has worked within the movement and wellness industry for almost two decades and is a recognized Master Teacher. 

An academic at heart, his Yogic pursuits have been extensive, as his craving for Yoga knowledge only increased with time. His explorations and Trainings have ranged from the classical Hatha Tradition (Bishnu Ghosh Lineage in Calcutta, India), to the Integration of Hatha, Tantric, and Ayurveda sciences under Yogiraj Alan Finger (ISHTA Yoga Lineage integrated by Sivananda Kaviyogiraj Mani Finger, Swami Venkatesananda, Swami Nishraisananda, and Tantric master Shuddhand Bharati in Johannesburg, South Africa) to the Jivamukti Yoga Method (codified by Sharon Gannon and David Life, integrating the Teachings of Swami Nirmalanda, Pattabhi Jois, and Sri Brahmananda Sarasvati)


T. Krishnamacharya studies followed under the Teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar and Shiva Rea. Extensive embodied anatomy, therapeutics, and integrated asana studies were pursued under Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews, and Sadie Nardini, whom he credits most of his breakthroughs in his body and practice. 


Years of study were logged in Sanskrit, mantra, and japa sadhana under the late Namadeva Acharya and Sanatana Dharma Satsang (Sant Keshavadas lineage in Bangalore, India) followed by over 3000 Graduate school hours in anatomical, chinese medical, biomedical, orthopoedic, and neurological sciences.

He believes that every Yogi is unique, and each Lineage hands down beautifully intricate textures and nuanced perspectives of the Teachings. There is a Practice for everybody, and for every body there is a Practice.

In classes with Jason, you’ll learn how to break the habit of moving only from the superficial body and loading layers of tension onto yourself. You will discover how to use the myofascial meridians and kinetic chains along the skeleton to make quick gains in authentic power, making all your movement more possible as you keep your body healthy for years of Yoga to come. You'll learn quite literally to move from your subtle physical body.  Even classical yoga sequences from the Ghosh and Krishnamacharya Lineages can be awakened to realms you never knew. 

Also an Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master, further initiated into Shaktipat, multiple perspectives and possibilities are offered for unbound energetic potential.

Jason offers endless gratitude to the many Teachers who inform his own guidance on a daily basis:​

  • Sadie Nardini

  • Shiva Rea

  • Yogiraj Alan Finger

  • Namadeva Acharya

  • Amy Matthews

  • Leslie Kaminoff

  • Jason Crandell

  • Tony Sanchez

  • David Kyle

  • Marie/Dani Russell

  • Brian Kest

  • Bernie Clark

  • Travis Eliot

and of course

  • Sharon Gannon and David Life.

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